Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics Targeting Medical Professionals

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The Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics is now ramping up prosecution of medical professionals perceived to be contributing to the opioid crisis. Until now, medical professionals typically only faced criminal charges for prescribing controlled substances to people they have no patient relationship with. With this new policy, medical professionals can be held criminally liable for addictions and overdoses.

During a press conference, Dowdy confidently declared, “If we find out that your prescription habits are causing addiction problems, we’ll come find you.” Dowdy continued, “If we have overdose deaths related to your prescribing habits, let this serve as notice to the healthcare professionals in this state, we’re not playing around anymore.”  Dowdy reiterated that “opioid … enforcement efforts will be focused on prescribers.”

To read the full story from The Clarion-Ledger, click here .

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