Missouri Attorney General Sues Three Drug Companies over Opioid Crisis

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Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley, has filed a lawsuit against three drug companies for playing a part in the growth of the ongoing opioid crisis in his state. The three companies named in the lawsuit are Endo Pharmaceuticals, Purdue Pharmaceuticals, and Janssen Pharmaceuticals. Hawley said that their “campaign of fraud and deception” led to the drug problems. The lawsuit will seek hundreds of millions of dollars in damages.

Hawley said the three companies over several years misrepresented the addictive risks of opioids, often using fraudulent science to back their claims. As a result, thousands of Missourians dealing with chronic pain were given unnecessary opioid prescriptions.

“For years now, the citizens of Missouri have been the victims of a coordinated campaign of fraud and deception about the nature of drugs known as opioids,” Hawley said. The companies named in the suit “have profited from the suffering of Missourians,” he said.

To read the full story from CBS News, click here.

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