SOFA Announces IDANA as First Anesthesia Trade Association Partner

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SOFA (Society for Opioid Free Anesthesia) is excited to announce our first partnership with a professional anesthesia trade association! The Idaho Association of Nurse Anesthetists (IDANA) has officially partnered with SOFA, granting each of their members access to our full suite of Opioid Free Anesthesia resources.

By partnering with a state trade association, SOFA has been able to successfully expand our reach and work toward more broad understanding and adoption of opioid free anesthesia techniques. We have big plans for 2018 and are excited to work with IDANA every step of the way.

We would like to thank the entire IDANA team for their work to make this partnership happen and their commitment to fighting against the ever-growing opioid crisis.

If your association or non-profit organization is interested in partnering with SOFA, please complete our contact form, or email

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