3rd Annual Society for Opioid Free Anesthesia Congress - March 31, April 1 & April 2, 2023
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The Society For Opioid Free Anesthesia

SOFA (Society for Opioid Free Anesthesia) is a nonprofit organization formed to research, promote & educate anesthesia professionals and the general public on opioid free pain management techniques.

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Why Opioid Free?

Patient Health

Opioid Free Anesthesia allows us to treat post-op pain like a disease and give medications that protect the patient from this phenomenon while increasing comfort.


SRNA Partnership

SOFA is excited to partner with SRNAs interested in contributing to the research of Opioid Free Anesthesia and the benefits it can provide to patients and the community.


Our Goals

Goal 1

Summarize the existing literature on this anesthetic technique and provide evidence-based recommendations.

Goal 2

Promote new research in this area of anesthesia.

Goal 3

Educate and help guide anesthesia professionals as they learn about and transition to practicing opioid free anesthesia.

Leading the Charge Toward

Better Post-op Patient Health

Our Valued Partners

Why Providers

Choose Opioid Free

Providing superior post-operative pain control

Minimizing respiratory depression in patients with COPD & Sleep Apnea

Treating patients with chronic pain or addiction

Reducing the risk of cancer reoccurrence

Minimizing post-operative cognitive dysfunction


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