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Its Time To Move Away From Opioid-Based Pain Management.

what is opioid free anesthesia?

Opioid Free Anesthesia is a safer option for anesthesia administration that maximizes a patient’s respiratory ability and aggressively treats their pain, while eliminating the unwanted side effects of opioids.

After surgery, changes in the body’s nervous system sensitize and magnify the pain the patient feels. By understanding this, we can treat post-operative pain like a disease and give medications that protect the patient from this phenomenon and increase comfort, healing, and function after surgery while reducing the risk of opioid related side effects and addiction.

Reasons that anesthesia providers choose opioid free anesthesia include: providing superior post-operative pain control by protecting the patient from surgical and opioid induced hyperalgesia; minimizing respiratory depression in patients that have impaired respiratory function such as COPD, sleep apnea, or obesity; treating patients who have chronic pain conditions, are on chronic opioid therapy, are heroin or opioid addicts, or are in recovery and treatment for opioid addiction (methadone or suboxone); reducing the risk of cancer reoccurrence; and minimizing post-operative cognitive dysfunction.

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Why Should I Switch from Balanced Anesthesia?

Opioid free anesthesia provides superior post-operative pain control, while at the same time protecting the patient from the side effects of opioids such as respiratory depression, opioid induced hyperalgesia, post-operative nausea and vomiting, addiction, hallucinations, cognitive dysfunction, sleep disturbance, impaired wound healing, cancer reoccurrence, and increased hospital stay or recovery from surgery.

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